17 - 20 July 2006, York

Organised by the Departments of History and History of Art at the University of York, in association with York Museums Trust, the Conference has been organised to provide an overview of recent advances in the study of Constantine and the late Roman world from an interdisciplinary point of view. It is anticipated that the conference, organised around thematic sessions, will make a lasting contribution to scholarship, whilst stimulating debate on current issues and opening up new avenues for exploration.

Current Speakers include: Richard Abdy, Jonathan Bardill, Timothy Barnes, Dame Averil Cameron, Simon Corcoran, John Drinkwater, Mark Edwards, Simon Esmonde Cleary, Peter Heather, Caroline Humfress, Mark Humphries, David Hunt, Chris Kelly, Michael Kulikowski, Noel Lenski, Emmanuel Mayer, Andrew Poulter, Roger Wilson.

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For further information contact: Jane Hawkes, Guy Halsall